Market Bosworth Family Tandem Weekend 2004

Photo Review 2 - Saturday's ride


MBWE 2004 Menu Saturday evening

The Carthy and Jeffery families riding out toward Donisthrope at Acresford.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037590)

Zoe Bowen proving you can pedal in your sleep!  Families gather in the grounds of Sheepy Magna church, where the ladies of the parish provided teas.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037591)

The White family - Ellen, Pauline, Charlotte, Kate and Ramona.  Now how did they all get onto that Thorn?

ęStephen Dee (ID7037596)

Its not just the young ones who were worn out!  Julia Colling taking 40 winks whilst the family fetches her a well earned cup of tea.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037597)

The Braybrooke family enjoying their tea amongst the graves.  Phillip, Alexander, Susan, Matthew, Olivia and Christian.  Note their "rocket trailer".

ęStephen Dee (ID7037600)

They start young in the Tandem Club.  Alex Stainsby taking young Abigail Colling for a spin on the tandem!.  Its good to see Abigail living up to the stereotype of a stoker!

ęStephen Dee (ID7037603)

The Colling and Stainsby families having a relaxing chat.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037607)

Lewis, Katie, Marion and Zoe Bowen enjoying their break.  Note that Zoe is now wide awake.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037617)

The three generations of the Fen Tigers relaxing with the King's.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037620)

The Holmans, David and Ann-Charlotte relaxing with the Sherwoods, Jane, Tom and Chris.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037622)

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