Market Bosworth Family Camping Weekend

Friday 2nd July to Sunday 4th July 2004


This will be the 4th and final event organized by the Dee Family



For a report and photo review click here


This year you might have to look up:
~Useless Trivia (Do you know the difference between a statue of a man with a horse when the horse has 1 leg in the air and both feet on the ground?)
There will be some tough ones to (hopefully) stop tie breaks!


This year you might need to be prepared for:
~and also be prepared to get wet...


This year we are going to have:
~ Silisosige the Clown
Saturday to keep the kids (and big kids too!!!) occupied while tea is being prepared between 5:30pm-6:30pm


This year the rides will be to:
~Friday: If you get there early-Market Bosworth
~Saturday: Moria Furnace via Measham and Orton-on-the-Hill
~Sunday: Bosworth Battlefield


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