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Dee Family Tour of the Netherlands 2004 - 7


1: Harwich to Maastricht 2: Rides around Limburg 3: Venlo to Schaijk 4: Winterswijk
5: Lochem and Urgchelen 6: Kootwijk to Amersfoort 7: Last days at De Haan 8: Miscellaneous

From Austerlitz we rode back in to Amersfoort and caught the train to Den Haag CS.  This is the type of train we caught a multi portioned Koplopper.  Many Dutch trains have many portions so it is important you get in to the right section.  The trains on this line can have up to 4 portions joining and dividing at towns such as Amersfoort.  These trains can be 14 coaches long, and even with cross platform interchange, connections could be a night mare if you need to find a bike compartment in the right portion with space for a tandem.  This photo was taken from opposite the 13th Century gateway.

ęStephen Dee

4 Aug 2004 ID P8048207


It was suggested by a certain niece that I should go into the nose picking carriage!

ęStephen Dee

3 0 July 2004 ID P73087967

When we got back to Den Haag we cycled back to the NTKC De Haan site.  In the evening our friends the Sherwood's returned form their travels and we had a bonfire.  This Libby toasting a marshmallow.

ęStephen Dee

5 Aug 2004 ID P8058334

At De Haan we were able to fly all the pennons we had collected on our tour.  Note the hedgehog to the right of the tent.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068339

On the last Friday at De Haan, the girls had some fun with the Sherwoods, they made it the "International Day of Jane".  This was because during the two weeks without the Sherwoods, we kept quoting Jane's two most regular sayings, as indicated on the left.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068342 

The scroll of Janisms;

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068347 

The girls sitting under the Sherwood's tarp.  They taught Libby and Tom to do scoobidou.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068350

Ceri looking very serious posing by the notice board at De Haan.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068351


On the Friday afternoon, whilst Melissa went to the beach with the Sherwood's, Ceri and I went on tandem ride in to Den Haag city centre and back to join the Sherwood's on the beach.  This windmill is in the Loosduinen part of the city not far from De Haan.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068353 

No ride into the city centre would be complete without some tram spotting.  I noticed that all the trams had flags on them.  It was not until I got home that I found out the significance.  That day was the 100th birthday of the Den Haag tram system.

ęStephen Dee

6 Aug 2004 ID P8068364 

Saturday - last day of camp.  We believe in packing up early and having plenty of time to get the ferry.  Not the Sherwoods!   So when it rained lunch time Ceri made use of their tarp to brew up in the dry.

ęStephen Dee

7 Aug 2004 ID P8078438 

Stats for our trip:

I rode 403 miles on tandem, 38.7 of these with Ceri, the remainder with Melissa.  I also rode about 10 miles on Ceri's solo.

Ceri rode 588Km on her solo

Melissa rode 23Km on solo and 364 miles on tandem with me.

We camped at 8 different NTKC sites and one commercial site.  Cost of NTK sites €4 per night, cost of the commercial site: €31 per night


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