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Shepshed is twinned with Domont (town site) in the Val D'oise - Ile de France, to the north of Paris adjacent to what was Route Nationale 1. 








The day started wet so photographic opportunities were limited. We did pass through the village of Hollowell, which in true Blue Peter fashion I had passed through 2 weeks earlier on a sunnier day when I took the adjacent photo..

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-09-19922



The day gradually dried out and by Thurlaston I felt confident enough to get my camera out and start taking photos.  This is at the junction in Thurlaston were we came in along the road from Earl Shilton.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-19992


The route kept to minor roads apart from an en route change to go into Lutterworth at lunchtime.  However even keeping to minor roads it is necessary to cross major roads or travel a short distance along them.  This is where we crossed the A47 at Roundabout Spinney at a staggered cross roads, but no sign of a roundabout for miles in either direction on the A47!  This was between Thurlaston and Desford

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-19994


A small group approaching the T junction at Merry Lees on the road from Desford.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20008


After Merry Lees the final climb started in earnest with a level section through Thornton allowing a breather before climbing through Stanton under Bardon.  Just before Stanton we lost 3 of the group who rode off the front, so at the top of the road in Stanton we took a snack break whilst contact with the missing was attempted via mobile phone.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20016


I planned the route to enter Shepshed via its back door, Ticklow Lane, in order to allow a photo session by the Shepshed sign.  We were met by members of the Domont Twinning Committee who had flown in, earlier that day.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20018


12 of the 16 Cyclists who set off from Northampton from Domont.  In addition there were another 3 of the group who were MIA (Missing in Action) and somebody who had rode out in search of them.  Notice how all the UC Domont riders were wearing club colours.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20025

I was invited to join the group for the photo by the town sign.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20027

After the "Informal" photo at Shepshed's boundary, a formal reception greeted the riders at the Shepshed Town Council Offices.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-06-22-20027

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