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Bertie Goes Missing


Ceri-Siān holds a very important post in STINGS - the University of Sheffield Student Scout and Guide Club.  Her Job is Mascot Monitor.  Its like Pet Monitor in infant school, one is privileged enough to look after the mascot during term time, at SSAGO Rallies and in the vacations is allowed to take them home to look after.  At the end of the spring term Ceri took Bertie the STINGS mascot to the SSAGO Ugly Bugs Ball hosted by BUGS - Bangor University Guides and Scouts.  By tradition mascots are fair game for other clubs to kidnap and hold to ransom.  However at the Annual SSAGO Ball, Mascots are Honoured Guests and can not be kidnapped by other groups.  Upon Ceri's return from Bangor, as a former UCNW- Bangor, Scout and Guide Club member (1975 to 1978) I felt duty bound to take Bertie into protective custody when I found poor Bertie looking lonely in the back of the car.  This is Bertie's story of protective Custody

Whilst in Protective Custody, Bertie decided to see if the local University Scout and Guide Clubs might treat him better.  First stop was a trip down the road from Shepshed to the home of SCOGUI.  First stop was a visit to the Nursery to look that out - you never know Bertie may meet a Queen Bee one day.  Having looked around the Nursery, Bertie then posed by the main Gate.

Having found Loughborough University more dead in the vacations then Shepshed nightlife, Bertie paid a visit to Nottingham University's agriculture campus at Sutton Bonington.  Bertie was interested in Bee Keeping Courses and SNOGS, but again the University was like Shepshed night life.

With Bertie not being impressed with university life, Bertie went travelling - but not all was well with Bertie's travels - caught in a whale's jaw.

Having escaped from the mouth of a whale, Bertie then got caught by vultures to keep their eggs warm.

To top it all Bertie then ended up in Wales again!

Having escaped Wales Bertie briefly visited Yorkshire before going to Colonial Africa!
Bertie posing on a National Cycle Route mile post during Berties epic 72 mile ride through the English Colonies!

Bertie gives a hand in the kitchen, poor bunny.

Your turn now Bertie.  A famous Shepshed recipe for making honey.  Take one or more bees, place in Liquidiser!

Sweet and Sour Rabbit for dinner.
Bertie has a Dallas moment - it was all a bad dream!

The worrying thing for Bertie, was Bertie's absence was not noticed for over a week!  So much for the duties of a Mascot Monitor.

PS Elf and afety note:  No bees were hurt or mistreated during the making of this web page.  They were mangled beforehand.



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