Market Bosworth Family Tandem Weekend 2004

Photo Review 3 - Saturday evening


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Libby Sherwood having a quiet read before the entertainer arrived.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037623)


The older children and parents hiding at the back.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037632)

Chuckle Chops the entertainer making a balloon model.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037634)

Neil Wheadon doing his Tandem Club shop sales pitch to Jane and Chris Sherwood whilst they cook tea.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037639)

Surely you don't want to go to the toilet all at once?

ęStephen Dee (ID7037642)

Some children even rode over to the entertainment on their tandem!

ęStephen Dee (ID7037647)

Zoe Bowen helping Chuckle Chops paint the clown.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037651)

Even the adults were enjoying themselves.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037669)

The Morgan family enjoyed the entertainment whilst eating their fish and chips.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037677)


The children were enthralled.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037689)


Lewis Bowen helping Chuckle Chops.

ęStephen Dee (ID7037692)

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