Team Triplet Photo Review 2002


Ann having a quiet moment doing finishing off a tapestry for a friend.

Ceri-Siān following fashion and going “retro” and wearing a bib.  She was trying to encourage our friends two year old to wear her bib at tea time.

Ceri-Siān at the Lynford Stag in the Thetford Forest


Ceri-Siān underground in Grimes Graves, a prehistoric flint mine in the Thetford Forest

Ceri-Siān in the pool at Centre Parks.  Whilst I took Paul for a tandem ride, Ceri Splashed around


A sign that we are getting old is when our parents reach those big milestones.  Both Nanny and Granddad were 70 this year.  This is Ceri-Siān giving Nanny the cake she made for her.

Ceri-Siān and Ann together

Ceri-Siān on parade at Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre

Ceri-Siān in her new outfit at our Family Camping Weekend at Market Bosworth




Ceri-Siān playing table tennis at a Long Eaton Family Fun evening.


Ann keeping her feet firmly on the ground due to her vertigo whilst Ceri-Siān and I went round Caernarfon castle.


Stephen assisting the clown at our family camping weekend


Ceri-Siān and Stephen setting off from Kootwijk, in the Netherlands.


Ceri-Siān looking pleased with herself after pushing her dad 10000 Km.

Ceri-Siān enjoying the Dutch countryside.  In 99 she was a perfect fit across the seat.  She has grown a bit since!!.


Ceri-Siān waiting for her washing to dry at the Zuider Zee museum.

Ceri with the boat she made at the Zuider Zee museum.  In the bag you can make out the skipping rope she made.

Ceri-Siān doing a jig-saw puzzle at our friends caravan.

Having a haircut at home

Ceri-Siān and Ann at Quorn.  A small campsite near us.  Note the BOB Yak trailer being uses as a table.


Ceri-Siān at Hind Leys Community College wall climbing.  She calls the climbing wall a broom cupboard as it is so small.

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