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In order to carry Mikado our triplet we initially used an extended front wheel out carrier.  We did this by cutting of the vertical front wheel support and having it welded on to a new 2.7m long piece of tubular steel.  This was a quick fix and cost about £10 to adapt the original carrier.  We were not happy with that for three reasons:

  • We struggled to lift Mikado with the front wheel out and fix the front forks into the bracket on the front wheel support.

  • The triplet did not have much vertical support, in it was only fixed by the forks, which was a concern on a car at speed.

  • Due to the length of the triplet there was a long overhang from the front roof bar, which caused a lot of vibration.

We wanted a carrier that we could lift Mikado onto and lean against a vertical support.  In order to do this, I designed my own triplet carrier and brought and cut the steel for it, and paid somebody to weld it up.


In designing the carrier I wanted to ensure we gave support to a long overhang from the roof bar by have a diagonal strut from a fixed vertical support and flexibility in being able to fit any car we might have in the future.  This was achieved see photos below:


When we first used the carrier both Ann and I struggle do to lift Mikado on to it.  Then the Bowen's showed us how to put up the triplet single handed, see photos below.

Principle dimensions:




Height (top of base to top of horizontal bar)


Vertical supports centres


Diagonal support centres



Vertical support to Base bar:  100mm

Vertical support to horizontal support: 65mm

Box section sizes

Vertical support and base bar: 30mm

Top bar, diagonal braces and their spacers: 25mm

Adjustable fixing plates: 40mm

Our home made triplet carrier, mounted on our Mondeo estate..

İStephen Dee

22 May 2004 ID P5226401

End view of our carrier showing the off set vertical support and diagonal braces.

İStephen Dee

22 May 2004 ID P5226405



In order to maintain flexibility with the adjustable fixing plates, due to the closed nature of the base bar we included one in each section.  Normally only 2 are used and the second one is locked out of use.  Note the fixing bolts are at about 45° angle to ensure that pressure is put onto the  main bar on both faces.  A weakness of the Pendle carrier is the fixing bolt is in the horizontal plane only and I have had a Pendle carrier work loose because of it.  We have modified our Pendle carrier by adding a vertical bolt.

İStephen Dee

22 May 2004 ID P5226411

Lifting Mikado up onto the carrier in two simple steps.  Step1:  With the hub rake on, align the triplet at about 45° to the car.  Then lift the front wheel up on to the carrier and strap into position.

İStephen Dee

22 May 2004 ID P5226406

Step 2:  lift up the back end on to the carrier and strap the top tube to the horizontal top bar and strap the rear wheel in place.  Add a second or third strap to the horizontal bar.  Then drive off!

İStephen Dee

22 May 2004 ID P5226407


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