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International Tandem Rally 2005 The Ride home Over Natning

On the Monday we said "farewell and see you later" to the Rowe's whilst we made our separate ways.  They took a leisurely ride across Jylland - we were more ambitious going island hoping to the Tandem Rally.  We had a fast ride to lunch at Grindsted.  Here stopped for some time to buy our copy of "Over natning" from the local bookshop.  We had to find somewhere to camp later in the day!  It was in Grindsted that we met up with Davies family who were also making their way to Tommerup St.  One of their tandems is seen in this view.  Ceri-Siân would later ride that tandem a few miles at the Tandem rally.

©Stephen Dee

18 July 2005 ID P7184676

We used the 1:200000 maps which did not show cycle paths or routes, but did show most roads outside of towns and villages, including roads which were dirt tracks.  Heading out of Grindsted we were trying to find the road out to Fiskov and by serendipity we came across this old railway route, which took us all the way from Grindsted to Fiskov.  As we entered Fiskov we were met by locals who invited us in for coffee and asked what we thought of the track.  We declined the coffee as it was gone 4pm and we still had a few miles to do.  However we did chat long enough to offer our view on the track.  They were taken back when we explained we enjoyed the track as it was, as we were members of the RSF.  Apparently there has been debate in the local council about which cycle paths to upgrade next! 

©Stephen Dee

18 July 2005 ID P7184683

Jylland had some interesting village/town names.   Give was one such name.....

©Stephen Dee

18 July 2005 ID P7184687

"Hurry up Daddy and take that photo, I want some Love!"  Setting off from our second camp at Skovplads ved Torup Sø, site 321.

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194715

The closest Ceri-Siân got to a holiday romance - 3Km from Løve.

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194721

Not far up the road we headed towards Them.   Needless to say in true youth hostel fashion the road to Them was uphill.

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194726

After Them, we headed through Silkeborg and into the Danish Lake District.  As we left Silkeborg at lunch time we were hit by a tremendous thunderstorm accompanied by very heavy rain.  We had planned to picnic by one of the lakes.  With the rain we wanted shelter and in the end we found, what turned out to be Over natning site 302, Teltpads ved Brassø for kanofarer, "De Små Fisk".  We put theory to test and pitched our tent fly sheet, for our Hilleberg Stallon 2GT, only to enable us to have a dry lunch.  By the time we finished lunch the clouds blew away and we had a glorious afternoon and evening.

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194735


"De Små Fisk" was located on the Brassø and had a small pier where ferries called by on a regular basis.

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2004 ID P7194739


In using the 1:200 000 maps, we discovered "Marguerit-Route's" which are scenic road routes, a lot of which follow quiet roads.  These are signed posted by these signs of a "Marguerit" daisy.  We followed the Marguerit route from Silkeborg to Alken through the lake district before heading to Ǻrhus.

©Stephen Dee

22 July 2005 ID P7224942

After Alken we headed towards Ǻhrus by following cycle route 4 for a bit.  We gave up following it as it zig zaged into Ǻhrus.  We had a late afternoon drum  up stop at the bottom of the hill just after Jeksen.  I packed things away whilst Ceri-Siân headed up the hill at her own pace.  This gave me the excuse to take some long shots of her and the scenery.  Ceri-Siân was not impressed by the person who said Danmark was flat!  

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194748


Just outside of Ǻrhus we camped at site 229 at Vidby J.  In the evening I went for a ride to phone home, again leaving Ceri-Siân home alone.  On the way back I came across this very sad sight of a neglected triplet!

©Stephen Dee

19 July 2005 ID P7194755

We just passed through Ǻrhus in order to head by ferry across to the island of Sjælland.  We got the 10am ferry to Sjælland Odde, Odden Færgehaven.  In riding through Ǻrhus between 8:30 and 9am, we confirmed our view that nobody was at home, as we saw no traffic.  The ferry port at Ǻrhus was quiet until about 10 minutes before departure when loads turned up.  Being used to Ceri-Siân paying full fare since she was 12 in the Netherlands, without thinking I asked to two singles - it was not until we were on the ferry I found she was still a child!  The ferries large and small work intensive schedules and turn around very quickly in port.  This was the largest ferry we used within Danmark and the crossing time was 65 minutes - about 2 hours 30 minutes by conventional ferry - longer then Dover Calais! 

©Stephen Dee

20 July 2005 ID P7204766



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