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The Ride Out International Tandem Rally 2005 Over Natning

From Grøngåd Mark we picked up the "Grænseruten" cycle route which is a cross border route that zig zags along the Danish border with Germany. 

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025602

The "Grænseruten" is a mixed on and off road route.  the first section we used was off road and took us across the border.  Here is Ceri-Siân just inside Danmark by an unmanned/self declaration customs post

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025577

The unmanned/self declaration customs post.  Inside the box there was a pad of custom forms and a pen.

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025578

Ceri-Siân reading the form and deciding if we had any thing to declare - which we did not as it only applied if you were going from Germany into Danmark.  Note the bottom box is where you post your completed forms - I wonder how many are posted there - I suspect none!

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025576

Ceri-Siân  entering the first village we rode through in Germany - Ellhöft.

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025583

From Ellhöft we rode through Süderlügum back to the Danish border at Ayentoft.  The shops in the town catered for the Danish cross border shopper.

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025595

We crossed back into Danmark by road.  Cross border shoppers also faced the self declaration customs post as indicated by this sign.  From the border we rode through Tønder up to Skærbæk, where we camped at site 429 in the town.  The campsite gave the true meaning to an "outside toilet"!

©Stephen Dee

2 August 2005 ID P8025591

From Skærbæk we headed to Ribe, passing by the Viking centre on route.  This was the first place we saw signs of English tourists since leaving Esbjerg (not counting those who had gone to the Tandem Club Rally).

©Stephen Dee

3 August 2005 ID P8035633


Ceri-Siân was more interested in Ribe market!.

©Stephen Dee

3 August 2005 ID P8035650


From Ribe we headed to the sea at the mouth of Ribe Ǻ, before heading up the coast for a short way to site 413 at Jedsted.  This was our last campsite in Danmark and like the rest of Danmark. we shared it with the most numerous form of population - slugs.  We saw more slugs then people in Danmark!

©Stephen Dee

3 August 2005 P8035690

Our last night we had a pleasant evening playing crib.  Ceri-Siân thought we brought these cards all the way through Danmark - so we had better use them!  I beat Ceri well and truly at crib, but she beat me at Uno.  Note the small lightweight playing cards! 

©Stephen Dee

3 August 2005 ID P8035699

From Jedsted we initially headed east towards Tobøl before heading through Gørding and Bramming into Esbjerg to get the ferry back to Harwich.

©Stephen Dee

4 August 2005 ID P8045721


Upon our return to Harwich Parkestone Quay, we managed to be the first off the ferry and past immigration so we got to Harwich Halfpenny Pier with an hour to spare for our ferry across to Felixstowe. 

©Stephen Dee

5 August 2005 ID P8055746


Ceri-Siân passing the time away reading the ferry timetable.

©Stephen Dee

5 August 2005 ID P8055747


As we got of the ferry at Felixstowe, we met a tandem couple who were heading in the opposite direction.  They can be seen loading their tandem from the beach. 

©Stephen Dee

5 August 2005 ID P8055758

The end - Trimley St Martin, where we had left our car.

In all I cycled 312 miles to get to Fyn, 289 miles whilst at the Tandem Club Rally on Fyn and 207 miles to get back from Fyn to Trimley St Martin.

Ceri-Siân cycled 406 Km to get to Fyn, 304 Km whilst at the Tandem club rally on Fyn, and 308Km to get back from Fyn to Trimley St Martin.

Actual cycle camping distance was 714Km / 446miles for both of us.

We also had no punctures.

©Stephen Dee

5 August 2005 ID P8055774


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