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15th December 2005

Addition of Christmas news letter including link to pdf versions

Addition of 2005 photo review

Update of home page with new links

21st November 2005

Addition of link to my Fotopic site to home page

1st November 2005

Pages added for Trip to The Netherlands 1999

Tandem Club International Rally 1999 in The Netherlands

Photo review for 1999

Home page rearranged and to enable addition of 2005 review pages.

22 September 2005 Correction of school details and removal of redundant link to year 5 leavers assembly.

18th September 2005

Pages added for DeeXTour of Danmark The Ride Out & The Ride Back

Tandem Club International Rally 2005 in Danmark

"Over natning" simple nature campsites in Danmark

18th August 2005 Website moved to a new server.  Chnages made to directory formats to reduce sub directories.  Home page amended to add menu items for new pages in preparation on Danmark.
15th May 2005 Addition of Final Cadeby Light Railway Open Day (6 pages)

8th May 2005

Addition of Granddad Dee - HGV Driver of his times

Addition of Blaxhall pages for 1996-2000, 2002-2004 and Village signs

7th May 2005 Addition of 3 pages for Tandem Club Blaxhall Mayday WE
11th January 2005 Addition of babies page

24th December 2004

Addition of photos from Belton Mince run to 2004 Photo Review

Addition Ann gets stitched up and comment about Ceri playing Clarinet to Christmas letter 2004

Amendment of table format to above an home page to 975 pixel width.

23rd December 2004 Home page and Links updated with the Black Diamond Web site.

1st December 2004

2004 Photo review and Christmas letter added.

Home page updated to include above

22nd October 2004

2002 Photo Review amended to 1000 pixels wide, photos replaced by larger 640pixel size, and photo references added.

2003 Photo Review amended to 1000 pixels wide and photo references added.

Home page amended to 1000 pixels wide.

Change log amended to 1000 pixels

14th October 2004

Addition of Netherlands 2002 photo review

Home page updated to include the above

1st October 2004

Completion of Netherlands cycle tour 2004 photo review.

Home page updated to include above

24th September 2004 Addition of first two pages of Netherlands cycle tour photo review.

7th September 2004

Correction to Ceri-Siān's new baby page

5th September 2004

Corrections to My new baby page.

Addition of Ceri-Siān's new baby page

Change to table layout of home page

2nd September 2004

Addition of My new baby page.

Update of link for NET on the Links page

13th July 2004

Addition of report and photo review pages for Market Bosworth Family Tandem weekend 2004, with the answers to the various quizzes.

26th May 2004

Correction of links in links page for L&B Rly,   added link to Ceri's year 5 leavers assembly, removed link to Shepshed on line

Addition of a few minor details and corrections to triplet page

22nd May 2004

Addition of principle dimensions to Triplet page

Addition of triplet carrier page

18th May 2004

Addition of details on tyres to Triplet page

Addition of booking form to Market Bosworth weekend page.

16th May 2004 Addition of Triplet page with full details of our triplet
3rd April 2004 Site re-engineered and re-launched with addition of Xmas 2003 and 2003 photo Review.  Revised homepage and removal of Ceri's page whilst she re-engineer's that.  Addition of and to urls on homepage header.  Also spaces in menu for and

26th Feb 2004

NETTRams removed from site and minor re-engineering

20th February 2004

Re-engineering of site to split site into separate parts.  Links for home pages modified but no other changes to TT site.

NETTrams site modified with directory structure and each page opening as frames.

Broken links below not repaired except for home at bottom of each row.

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15th February 2004

Addition of NETTrams pages

Update of Market Bosworth Family Tandem weekend pages

Update of links page

  • Correction of link to Hamster’s website on Budapest trams and addition of link to my photo
  • Update of Sheffield fare
  • Addition of start date for NET

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22nd October 2003

Addition of new page for Ceri

Correction of link to 7mm NGA site on Links page

Addition of date for Market Bosworth 2004 to MB 2004 page

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16th January 2003

Additional of additional links to Links page as follows:

  • Stanley Tech and skool photo under “younger days”
  • Correction to L&B link
  • Addition of note re links opening in a new window
  • Minor changes to comments alongside links

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15th January 2003

Addition of additional photo of Ceri wall climbing to Photo Review 2002

Addition of additional links to Photo Review Page 2002 from Christmas 2002 newsletter

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7th January 2003

Addition of additional photos to Photo Review 2002

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6th January 2003

Update of Home Page

Addition of Photo Review 2002

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11th December 2002

Update of Home Page

  • Addition of link to Christmas 2002 newsletter

Addition of Christmas 2002 newsletter

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26th November 2002

Update of Links Page

  • Addition of NET website
  • Addition of trams of Hungary
  • Correction of Sheffield day ticket fare

Update of Home page

  • Stop press new removed of Hamster
  • Index re-arranged and new items, NET and Xmas 2002 added to index but no link made live yet.
  • Technical note added re use of Word and Windows explorer to create web site

Update of Market Bosworth Family Tandem weekend page

  • Ref to 2002 removed and reference to 2004 added

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9th February 2002

Update of Home Page

  • Stop press changed to news of Hamster
  • Index tidied up

Update of Links page

  • Narrow Gauge Railway link for Roland’s Eisenbahnseite
  • Colour of text brought in line with other pages

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3rd February 2002

Update of Links page, with addition of links for:

  • Shepshed links

1.      Shepshed town twinning

2.      Hind Leys Community College

3.      Newcroft Primary School

4.      Shepshed on line

  • Trams
    1. LRTA
    2. Sheffield Supertram

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28th January 2002

Update of Links page

  • Addition of Tram sub section
  • Addition of links for Croydon Tramlink
  • Addition of MSR to Camping section
  • Correction of link for NMRA
  • All external links made to open in new window
  • General tidy up

Addition of Market Bosworth Family Tandem Weekend Page

Addition of Change Log page

Typo corrections to Christmas 01 letter

Update of home page


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24th January 2002

Addition of Christmas 01 Letter

Correction of link from home page to Triplet page

Update of home page


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