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Tuesday morning Ceri-Siân helped out at kids club, this time with scoobidou.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7265086

Tuesday morning was glorious giving an opportunity to air tents and sleeping bags.  Despite the nice morning the washing on the line didn't dry very well. .

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 IDP7265095

Tuesday's rides were out to Middlefart.  As the route to Middlefart and back was a bit far, we, along with some others took a train assisted ride.  We got the 9:45 train from Tommerup to Federicia.  We and Davies family went all the way.  An American couple went as far as Middlefart, and Bella to the next stop at Aarup.  We had 3 tandems and 3 half bikes on the train, and still plenty of room for more.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265099

The type of train we used above is seen at Odense.  As they were so tandem friendly many people made use of these trains during the rally as assistance to cover more ground.

©Stephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295386

Middlefart is on the north west corner of Fyn, and is separated from Jylland by the Lillebælt.  Until 1935, the only crossing was by train ferry. The bridge crossing opened as a road rail bridge and we wanted to make the crossing from Jylland by the bridge, as we had arrived on Fyn by ferry, also wanted to cycle on to Fyn by bridge from the mainland.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265122

Ceri-Siân wanted a photo of me by the Middlefart sign, I can not think why.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265126


From Middlefart we rode around the north coast of Fyn and had lunch at Røjle Klint.  For years I have had a reputation for drumming up whenever and wherever I stopped. This year I took this to new extremes for lunch time brew ups.  Not just brewing tea, hot chocolate or soup, but cooking omelette as well!  Here the Davies family and Ceri-Siân are tucking into freshly cooked omelette.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265138

We followed the coast as far as Båring Mark before heading inland back to Tommerup.  The last 5 miles we followed the main road from Vissenejerg to Tommerup.  As you entered the village of Skalbjerg, there were "Din Fart" speed indicators. These are fairly common throughout Danmark.  Some, not all, registered cyclist speeds.  Here Hywel and Jackie Davies clock 36Km/hour.   

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265149


Tuesday evening there was a mass tandem ride from the rally site to Museum Lilleskov Teglværk, a brickworks museum about 2 miles from Tommerup.

©Stephen Dee

26 July2005 ID P7265159

Museum Lilleskov Teglværk, the destination of the mass ride.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265203


Tandems, half bikes, trailers etc parked outside Museum Lilleskov Teglværk.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265205

Guided tours were provided around the brick works.  Here is one group being shown around. 

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2004 ID P7265179

The younger elements and certain adults were more interested in the ride along part of the old railway that connected the brickworks with the clay pits.  The gauge of the railway is 60cm.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2005 ID P7265192


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