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Wednesday we had good weather virtually all day.  This was marked by washing I did on Saturday finally drying!.  The Bowens showed how to make a washing line between their tandem and triplet.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275211

Wednesday was a rest day and a lot of people went off to KÝbenhavn by coach, train or car.  Others did their own thing.  We went on a short ride with the Davies family.  This was a historic occasion for Ceri-Si‚n as after over 11000Km pushing her Dad on a tandem, she finally got to be in command of one.  Carwyn and Magan Davies were riding tandem together and since Ceri-Si‚n was about the same height as Carwyn, they swapped bikes!  Here is Ceri-Si‚n taking her first ride with Megan stoking.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275212

Our first destination was an adventure playground at NŚrup.  Here is Ceri-Si‚n on the ever popular aerial ropeway.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275238

The next destination was just outside Tommerup, Naarup Savverk, an old wood mill, turned wood craft workshop.  We arrived early and were able to watch people arrive

©Stephen Dee

27 July2005 ID P7275270

A Tandem parked up against a log pile gives a nice impression of the rustic nature of the wood yard.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275267


The big attraction was freshly cooked pancakes.  These were cooked on an open fire.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275281

In addition to pancakes, drinks and sweets were provided.  However the sweets were not very popular with the kids as they were liquorish based, which is very popular in Danmark.  The sweets were served in nice bowls which are made by the workshop.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275261

The kids tried to light a fire with a "Swedish match", - flint and striking iron.  They had success, showing how easy it is - providing you use the right materials to light, ie very thin scrapings of silver birch bark.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275301

Many people tried a hands on experience of making a spatula from a crudely  cut piece of wood, see the lumps behind Ceri-Si‚n.  The lumps were cleaved in two first and then hand carved to shape.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275306

As we were camping at the football club, a match was arranged for Wednesday evening between the locals, the Tommerup All Stars (not all members of the football team) and the Tandem Club Internationals.  Neal Wheadon as chairman of the Tandem club captained the TCI, and is seen here shaking hands with the ref.  The match ended in a draw, they had a penalty shoot out which Tommerup All Stars won.  However they had a cup which was presented to the TCI.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275325

The football match went on longer then expected due to the penalty shoot out and injury time!  Hywel Davies clashed heads with a Tommerup player when they went for the ball together.  Both ended up with a visit to hospital.   Because of that Ceri-Si‚n and I mucked in with Megan and Carwyn in cooking our evening meal.  Having ridden tandem together during the day, the two girls used the tandem to take our tea things across the camp site. 

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275339


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