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Friday evening saw the traditional tandem games event.  Here are Thomas and Hannah Payton in the slow race.  They swept the broad winning virtually all the events they entered.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295433

Katie Bowen piloted her sister Zoe in the ball and water jug race.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295445


Saturday was a bit of a wash out with rain all day until the late tea time when it cleared up for the farewell barbeque.  After the barbeque there were presentations.  The team of helpers from the football club were presented with some wine and chocolates.

İStephen Dee

30 July 2005 ID P7305483

The organisers Lars Fribo and David and Ann-Charlotte Holman were presented with the traditional collection.  The presentation was made by .Tony Pritchard who knows exactly what it is like organising such a rally, having been involved with organising a few.

İStephen Dee

30Tony  July 2005 ID P7305486

The car park Saturday evening - a sad sight as many had packed their tandems away ready for an early start in the morning.

İStephen Dee

17 July 2005 ID P7174595

Having brought a box of soap powder and had plenty of clean bits to get us home, I gave the remaining soap powder as a present to Marion Bowen (note the gift wrapping and bow), as the Bowens were spending another 2 weeks in Danmark and there were 5 lots of clothes to wash. 

İStephen Dee

31 July 2005 ID P7315496


The Davies, Simpson's and another couple pack up their last few bits ready to set off.

İStephen Dee

31 July 2005 ID P7315498

Ceri-Siân and I about to set off in Glorious weather for our journey back to Esbjerg.  The two flags on the flysheet behind were the only things I managed to leave behind!

İStephen Dee

31 July 2005 ID P7315502


One popular bag of sweets brought by many in the Tandem Club from the local supermarket - Family Mix.  It was not brought for the sweets as they were dominated by liquorice, including as a flavour in sweets you did not suspect.  The sweets were brought for the tandem - a quad cycle, on the packet!

İStephen Dee

3 Sep 2005 ID P9030165


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