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Thursday dawned with very heavy rain, which left the campsite flooded in parts

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285341

With such a wet morning many people took their breakfast in the marquee for shelter.  However it was equally wet under foot inside as out!

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285345

Four members of the Tandem Club International football team proudly show of the trophy from last nights game.  Hywel also is sporting a nice patch from his clash of heads in the game.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285355

On the rest day, Ceri-Siân, Megan and Carwyn wanted to have ago on the skinnecyklers.  These are four wheel cycles that run on train tracks, along the disused railway line from Tommerup to Assens.  As they were all booked out on the Wednesday, they went for a ride on the Thursday morning, with Ceri-Siân acting as the responsible adult.

İStephen Dee

27 July 2005 ID P7275233

Whilst the kids went out on a skinnecykler, I went for a ride by myself.  Due to the rain I did not set off until after 11am when it cleared up.  I made my own route to Bogense.  On route I came across this tree sculpture.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285367


In Danmark there are some choice names, not just for towns but for other things such as "Bogense Bad Center".  Bad means bath or shower, so the bad center is either a plumbing shop or public baths for the port. 

İStephen Dee

16 July 2005 ID P7164557


Parked outside the tourist office in Bogense was this tandem for four, a quad.  Try cycle camping on that!

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285371

From Bogense I headed east and came across these sculptures at Gylydensteen.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285373

I had a late lunch at a "Cykelrasteokads" picnic site.  These are common throughout Danmark and are only marked on the cycle maps.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285376


I had planned a long ride by heading east to Odense Fjord and into Odense after riding along the Fjord.  However as I headed east, I hit a head wind, so I headed directly into Odense.  I was impressed by the number of cycles parked outside the station.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285377`

Thursday evening Chris Bowen got out the parachute.

İStephen Dee

28 July 2005 ID P7285384

Friday's ride was based around Odense Fjord.  We cheated along with a few others by taking train assistance to Odense and back.  After only about 4 miles we found a nice spot for elevenses on the outskirts of Odense, where we were joined by other teams as they passed by.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295398

This tandem team came from across the pond.  Coming such a long way to the rally, I was pleased to see they liked to take it easy like us - they too took the train to make rides a bit easier.  

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295403


One reason for the elevenses stop, apart from it being 11am, was this climbing wall.  Ceri-Siân and Carwyn attempt the overhang unaided, whilst a little one gets help from their Dad.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295406


From Odense we headed around the south side of Kertinge Nor to Kerteminde.  This is a view across Kertinge Nor to Kerteminde.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2004 ID P7295408

We rode through Kerteminde and found a beach to the north of the town for lunch.  Here we really went to town with two stoves and cooked omelette, fried potatoes and other goodies.  Just as we finished lunch, we were caught by a very heavy thunderstorm, but were able to find shelter nearby.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295411

Jackie and Hywel Davies on tandem, with Carwyn riding Ceri-Siân's bike heading in the rain into a "Male exclusion zone?".  No - it leaving another one of those interestingly named Danish towns/villages of "Mâle".  After sheltering for the first storm we set off towards Hinsholm, when we were caught in a second heavy storm.  After that it was glorious.

İStephen Dee

29 July 2005 ID P7295412 

Ceri-Siân had her second day of piloting Megan Davies on tandem.  Here they are riding an off road track around a field of wheat. 

İStephen Dee

29 July 2004 ID P7295419 


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